The ideal moment is right now. If you have plans to visit the UAE and your itinerary is set, why delay? Your permit application will be processed within the next 12 hours.

Certain airlines do provide permit processing services, but it's not their primary focus, and they may not have expertise in this area. Instead, their primary goal is to maximize ticket sales, and this remains true whether or not your permit application is successfully processed.

While we do offer verification links and e-receipts for each application, you can also verify your permit by visiting our website at "Web Address" and entering your permit number.

As stated on our website, your permit will be issued within 48 to 72 hours upon the completion of the application process, except during weekends and public holidays when it may take longer due to the unavailability of authorities to approve your permit. Nevertheless, we process the application on the following business day, adhering to the same timeline.

We offer two types of permits: "Single Entry," allowing you to enter once and exit once, and "Multiple Entry," permitting you to enter and exit as many times as specified on the permit.

Certainly! Unless there are any legal issues associated with your profile, your permit will be delivered to you within the designated timeframe.